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Watch out for Rent Controls

Posted on the 30 August 2013 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth
warns Moneyweek's Matthew Lynn, addressing the nation's "new breed of landlords", buy-to-letters. After explaining how rising rents and low interest rates are making buy-to-let landlords pots of money and pointing out that rent controls would simply destroy the private rental industry, just as it did last time, he concludes:
"If house prices keep rising and rents alongside them, and if landlords appear to be growing rich on the back of that without doing much work, then people will start to get angry. Britain's housing market is so completely politicised already and so distorted by government that rent controls could easily be reintroduced."
This encapsulates two unpleasant features of British society, envy (It's all right for me to make money without working from the rise in value of my home, but if you do it, you're a parasite) and blaming other people for your ills (It's always the fault of the {insert hate figures here}, never your own fault). Look out, buy-to-letters, you may just be the next occupant of those parentheses.

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