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Watch Angry Birds Transformers 100% Completed

By Boxmash
Watch Angry Birds Transformers 100% completed

There has always been a lot to do in Angry Birds Transformers, but with each additional update this list has grown.

Most recent additions are Arcee, Airachnid, Bluestreak and Prowl along with the new Energonicon companions. That’s a full roster of 29 Autobirds and Deceptihogs. But it doesn’t end with unlocking all those characters, they each need to up upgraded to Level 15.

One family man, with the help of a gem glitch, has finally unlocked and maxed each and every character and upgrade. Maxing out a character costs over 10,000 gems in the game, which would take a log time to earn. Of course you could purchase these gems via two £79.99/$99.99 in-app purchases. To upgrade all 29 characters, you’d be looking at a cost of £4639/$5799. Not cheap.

Of course many people enjoy Angry Birds Transformers without spending a single penny. Those players will encounter In App Purchases but steel themselves to either wait or earn the gems without spending real money.

Interestingly Angry Birds 2 has reduced the maximum purchase from $99 to $49 in the US. This voluntary cap will help keep parents on side. Still, care should be taken before handing a young player one of these devices.

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