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Washington Shooting at Sports Bar - 3 Dead - 1 Seriously Wounded

Posted on the 04 April 2013 by Mikeb302000
 Local news reports
"The dispute started between two women when one of them danced with a man," said Auburn Police Cmdr. Mike Hirman in a statement issued late Sunday night. Herman said that some of the victims and suspects knew each other.
"On the dance floor in the building, there was no problem. They were arguing outside about a girlfriend dancing with another guy or something like that. Our security had no problems inside the building, none at all," Mahoney said.
Several witnesses said a woman first fired a warning shot into the air to break up the fight. Hearing that, the witness continued, a man, perhaps believing that shots were being fired in earnest, ran to his car across the lot and grabbed a gun.
An estimated 20-to-30 seconds after the warning shot, multiple individuals pulled out handguns and began firing, according to police.
Duncan, Greer and Lindsay were pronounced dead at the scene. A fourth victim, as yet publicly unidentified, was struck multiple times and transported to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition. His condition was later upgraded to serious but stable.
Later Sunday, police arrested a person of interest on weapons charges unrelated to the incident.
This is what happens with an armed society. Far from being a polite society, petty arguments turn deadly. This story also points out the foolishness of allowning guns in bars.  Alcohol and guns don't mix.
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