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Was ICSPA Ushered in by Anonymous?

By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
was ICSPA ushered in by Anonymous?
ICSPA (International Cyber Security Protection Alliance) is a new corporate (or should that be Conglomerate) global alliance against Cyber Crime... now, call me a cynical fuck but weren't the anti-human-rights legislations the American Patriot Act and the British Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act ushered into existence ONLY WEEKS AFTER the 9-11 'reverse coup d'etat' false flag cyber event against a major US/Canada joint military exercise called Global Guardian?
The Patriot Act was 365 pages (some say it was close to 1,000 pages at some point). All that written in less than forty days? Reviewed thoroughly by Congress for legal inconsistencies and potential human rights abuses? Then voted (unanimously) into Law with no coercion? Er, like it wasn't already written awaiting the right Pearl Harbour Moment to find its way under the unsuspecting nose of Congress?
And, look at this almost perfect picture - all this wikileaksing and anonymous cyber attack terrorism just prior to the global changeover to IPV6 and then the appearance of ICSPA?
War will never change but it's always foggy, or at least mostly overcast with a chance of drizzle.

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