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Warning: With Namejet/Snapnames Joint Backorder You Can Windup Bidding Against Yourself

Posted on the 16 May 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

A few weeks ago and announced that if you placed a backorder on one of the systems for a deleting domain name backorders would be placed for the deleting domain names on both systems.

It makes a lot of sense since saves the effort of putting the same deleting domain names into both systems.

The idea is if the domain is caught by one or the other service and there and are no other bidders then you would get the domain for the $69 minimum and the two services could combine all the tags they have to catch domains.

However if either or get’s the domain it will create an auction at and for the same domain and you will be a participant in each auction.

Actually if you are the only person who backorders the domain it will still create an auction.

So lets use an example.

I placed the only backorder for the deleting domain name However since a backorder at one service creates a backorder at both services, as you can see below, it shows as two backorders even though in my case I was both of the backorders

For those domainers that have multiple backorders lets say 5, 10 or 20 at a time, we are geared to react to outbid notices by often raising our bid or proxy.

In my case (and this is no secret) I use the bidder ID of hiphop on all backorder services going back at least 10 years.

So you can see that Snapnames shows the initial bid (or backorder) of $69 on same date at the same time also with

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.17.34 AM

As you can see from bidding history I was the only one who placed i backorder on this domain, but it still appears as two backorders .

When I logged into today, saw two bidders on the domain and that I was losing, I placed a higher proxy bid since I don’t like to sit around to the end of auctions.

The proxy bid at then  caused me to be outbid at namejet which generated an outbid notice.

So now I saw that there was an issue so decided to test it out.

So I placed a higher bid at but below my proxy bid at

So currently my Snapnames account shows me with a winning bid of $366, but my auction screen is showing me as losing to a high bid of $366.

I informed that their joint backorder system created the unintended consequence of allowing bidders to bid against themselves on two different systems, even if there were no other bidders.

The problem is that bidders namejet’s accounts are not associated with their snapnames account even if both use the same bidders name.

I was assured that in any such situation brought to their attention, the bidder will wind up pay the lowest amount, but I wanted to make all domainers aware of the situation, so they can pay special attention to outbid notices they receive from either snapnames or namejet on deleted domain names, so you don’t wind up doing what I did, which is bid against myself.

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