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WARNING of Disasters to Come.

By Harry @web_pensioner

Earth in this past few years has been hit by more and bigger disasters, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc, etc.


In my childhood i can remember playing outside all summer long from early morning until it was dark. In my youth it was the same, playing football and other games. But the winters were very bad, snow, frost etc, but things have changed for the worst.

But the weather has been changing for the worst for a long time now and these things are happening more often and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it, or is there. The best way is to stop sending carbon etc into the atmosphere and the only way to do that is by the clean burning of fossil fuels and to go green with energy.

The major countries like America, China, India, Canada and a few more,  don’t want to know about climate change they still think its ok to let billions of liters of carbon go into the atmosphere every year. They are all doing a token green energy make over just to keep the people feeling happy.

The two videos are reports from the USA

Video’s from utube

Things will not change until the time comes and there are so many disasters in America, China and India that they have to do something fast, but by that time it will be to late.

The polar ice caps and  glaziers are melting faster than ever, they are disappearing quickly as you can see on NASA photos that have been taken over the years.

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