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Warning: Josh Pellicer, Is He For Real????

By Mike Dernerk

If you are not familiar with Joshua then look up; He might just be that guy over there walking away with your girlfriend. That is because Mr. Pellicer is the author of the revolutionary eBook "The Tao of Badass," a step by step guide that instructs men how to be more successful with the ladies.

Josh is not just some sleazy pick up artist, as his book actually taps into the psychology of women and gives useful techniques for how to be more successful. Before running out and buying his program you should know a little more about its author. His biography and background will make you even more certain that he is the one that can help you score big with women.

A Quick Introduction To This Man

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If you watch one of the many videos or interviews with this guy then he probably comes off as a very polished, put together guy, but this wasn't always the case. Prior to learning the techniques in his book and sharing it with men around the world, Joshua was a lot like one of the men he now tries to help. This gives him a very down to earth approach and allows him to better empathize with the men he is trying to help with his popular relationship guide.

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His Story

If you have read it then you might find it very difficult to believe that he came from very humble beginnings. He hails from St. Augustine, Florida and was actually raised in a trailer park. Like many men out there he spent a lot of time working dead end jobs, struggling to get by and having a hard time getting dates.

It was these early struggles with life and women that led the author to write his now famous system as he wanted to not only help himself, but also other men like him, men that weren't getting women largely due to their own lack of confidence and understanding of the female psyche.

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Where it all Began

Joshua Pellicer's foray into the relationship advice world began humbly at school in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It was here that Joshua started studying Social Dynamics, which sparked his fascination in relationships between men and women. These studies also gave him increased insight into the psychology of women, as well as the complex dynamics of human relationships. This background laid the foundation for what was to come, which was his rise from a man, who couldn't get a date, to one that was advising others how to do so.

His Dating System

Warning: Josh Pellicer, Is He For Real????

His studies in psychology led him to a crazy idea: Why not right a definitive guide for men, who need help getting the ladies? What started as a wild idea quickly turned into action, as he started to put his education to good use. This guide is now one of the most popular relationship guides on the market and has helped countless men have more confidence and success when speaking with women. Here are a few of the highlights of this exciting guide:

  • How to avoid the little mistakes that put you in the Friend Zone with women
  • How to mimic the habits and attitude of successful men
  • The 10 ways you can know whether a women is attracted to you
  • The tweaks you can make to appear more confident and attractive
  • Why being the sensitive guy is killing your chances with women
  • How to command and control your emotions
  • The 5 mind tricks you can use to make women want you
  • How to use dominant body language to keep a woman interested
  • Flirting techniques and the things you are doing wrong

These are just a few of the highlights of his course. It is easy to see how this information would be useful to any man that is having a hard time getting women. After writing this eBook, the story of this PUA took yet another turn.

The Aftermath of His Course

The system quickly took off, mostly with the help of positive word of mouth reviews and recommendations from men that were successful using these techniques. It only takes a quick Google search to see that there are dozens of positive reviews from men that changed their lives after reading his course.

However, his success story does not end there. After his book skyrocketed in popularity Joshua made appearances on The Today Show, The New York Daily News, The New York Press, and he even went on to host his own radio show called "Game On" on Sirius XM radio. This success established him as one of the leaders in the field of dating advice for men. The Tao System has now become one of the go-to guides for how to meet women.

What Now?

After the success of his course and his many appearances, the question remains: What will he do now? After moving on from his Sirius XM show to pursue other media interests, he has continued to work as a relationship coach. He has also worked as a teacher for a number of major companies that wanted to tap into his unique insight about the nuances of social interaction. Now Josh primarily works with individual clients through his online courses and individual coaching.

Tap Into Your Inner Badass

As you can see, he was not one of those few lucky men that can get women and success without much effort. He came from humble beginnings, just like most men, which gave him a unique perspective on how to rise from nothing.

Using the techniques described in his course will allow you to tap into your inner badass, just like Joshua did. If he can come from a trailer park in Florida to be one of the most successful relationship coaches in the world, then surely you can make improvements in your own life.

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