Business Magazine Was Not a Garden Variety “pricing Mistake”

Posted on the 03 December 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

Four days ago I wrote an article about and the buyer being told the price was not correct. The sale was not going to complete and the buyer refunded.

The buyer stated they paid x,xxx for the domain name, a domain name owned by Frank Schilling’s Name Administration Inc.

The price may have been $2,000 and I say that because another member on Namepros said they saw the name listed at $2,000 and thought about buying it.

John Berryhill posted on behalf of Uniregistry in the buyer’s thread and explained the situation.

John wrote:

What happened is that Uniregistry was performing an account merge to consolidate a large number of Name Administration domains that were, for various reasons, spread across several accounts. Due to a technical error, the prices that were set for quite a number of domain names failed to migrate to the new account and were set by the software to an unintended default BIN value.
As this error was being corrected, the OP appears to have noticed there was a problem:
janismo said: The only answer that I can assume right now is that the same domain was listed on several other marketplaces for $18.2k So, yes, the pricing at Uniregistry was briefly in error at the moment the OP proceeded with checkout, since the prices on other platforms are updated on the basis of prices set at Uniregistry.
tonyk2000 said: Tens? What are they exactly? One would expect a couple of confirmation emails (confirm whois etc), “thank you” email, paypal transaction screen would be always inside paypal acct… Anything else? Expecting a dispute of some kind, given the different pricing elsewhere, the OP printed each screen along the way. This further suggests the OP had reason to believe the pricing was in error.
Uniregistry made the decision to reverse the sale due to technical error, as provided in the terms, since the price was a result of an unanticipated behavior of the platform software during an account merge.
The OP has been refunded, but I understand that there is an issue with round-trip fees by the payment processors, so an additional refund is being sent.
uzver said: ↑ Why don’t you share the price you paid? The OP does not share the price, because that would make it obvious that it was an error.

After Keith told John, “A customer of the same platform would most likely be told, too bad, eat the loss.

John explained:

This was not a garden variety “pricing mistake”. This was a technical error in which the platform did not import the correct prices when the accounts were merged. That’s not a feature that a customer of the platform would be able to access in the first place. The affected names had been correctly priced. It was the account merge which generated the error.
But, yes, in the event that Uniregistry performs an account merge on a customer’s portfolio which results in mispricing of thousands of domain names due to a technical error, any resulting sales would be reversed.
If someone does not update their previously-set BIN prices, or has seller’s remorse, then, no, sales would not be reversed.

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