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Waraji Dreams on the River Nile at Jinja

By Diaryofamuzungu @CharlieBeau

The bed next to mine hasn’t been slept in and I reach through a Uganda Waraji haze for my phone, stashed away in the metal trunk under the bed at Nile River Explorers Camp.

“Hope you’re ok? Or do I need to pull you out of a ditch / jail etc?” reads the text I send K.

Two minutes later the phone rings. My head still on the pillow, I hardly recognize my own voice after last night’s cigarettes.

“Where are we?” K asks someone on the other end of the line.

“Triangle Hotel” comes back the answer.

Oh God, my head hurts …

“How much money do you have on you?” he asks. “I’ve lost my wallet.”

Now there’s a surprise: fuelled by half a bottle of Waraji, the stupid Muzungu has followed the scent of a woman into Jinja town. It’s a 45 minute ride in total darkness through the countryside on rutted murram roads – on the back of a boda boda of course.

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