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War Endgame With Russia and China (Video)

Posted on the 20 March 2014 by Susanduclos @SusanDuclos

By Susan Duclos

War Endgame With Russia and China (Video)

A couple of articles, mixed with the two videos below, show how badly the US and their allies have miscalculated in picking a fight with Russia by supporting a coup in Ukraine which ousted the pro-Moscow, duly elected president of Ukraine. The West had to know Russia would step in and solidify their position in the Crimea region, yet they backed the coup anyway, then compounded one huge mistake with another by threatening, then imposing toothless sanctions against Russia.

Enter China.

Chinese media gives a hint of where they stand in all this and it isn't alongside America and their European allies.

Via South China Morning Post:

Beijing has taken a subtle official position. It has asserted the principle of non-interference and respect for Ukraine's territorial integrity while also emphasizing that it recognizes the complexity of both the historic conditions and the current state of affairs in Ukraine. It should be fairly clear to any foreign policy realist that China's approach is to maintain formal neutrality while providing tacit support to Russia without causing an adversarial rift with the Western alliance.

China does not have to lift a hand or voice as the case may be, to help Russia in order to maintain a working relationship, and by not joining with the US and European allies, China is indeed, siding with Russia.

China and Russia, along with others are already dumping US treasuries and encouraging the international community to dump the USD as the world's reserve currency, add war and conflict, energy dependence as well as a host of other assets Russia provides for the global community and all this chest beating y the US and it's allies threats and worthless sanctions and it is almost as if the US is deliberately cutting it's own throat.

It is either all a carefully crafted scripted plan or a show of complete incompetence.

The two videos below explain the complexity of the situation and how the West's actions are doing nothing more than pushing Russia closer to China as we enter the final stage of the War Endgame.

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