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Wanting Answers and Not Knowing, Worried Mummy

By Evette Garside @evette77

My youngest child Izebella is 3 years old. I would say about 2 months ago she would randomly say her tummy hurt perhaps 2/3 times a week. I put it down to usual toddler upset tummys or maybe mild poop problems giving fluids and calpol like mums do.

Then the tummy ache turned into aches with vomiting episodes and again this would occur about 2 or 3 times a week and inbetween these strange episodes she would be fine.

Then 2 weeks ago the sickness started more, infact she has been vomiting and wretching daily for 14/15 days now. The strange thing being that she wakes up fine, has breakfast, eats, drinks, plays, pees. Then around 4pm or after she wil again say her tummy hurts and will vomit many times in a few hours, she won't eat, drink, pee or have medicine and won't let anyone touch her. This normally lasts each evening until she goes to bed and then once again, come morning she's fine. It's like a real Groundhog Day.

She does not have any diarreah at all nor headaches, just tummy ache and by the looks of it; a generally uncomfortable feeling in her body. Sometimes her cheeks will go bright red and her arms flushed, no rash and no temperature.

So I've had her at the doctors now 3 times in the space of 8 days? Including one longish trip to the out of hours clinic. They have not got a bloody clue! Ruled out a UTI, norovirus, tummy bug and constipation, had her on antibiotics then told me to stop them, gave lactolose and calpol and that's it. I have to take her back again tomorrow and I am hoping they refer us straight to hospital for tests as she can't go on like this.

I'm keeping food and sickness diary incase of an allergy but find it bizarre as to why she woujd be sick same time if an allergy. I have found something on google search called Cyclic vomiting syndrome which sounds just like her symptoms and allergies/intolerant is still a consideration. I do not even want to think about the more serious stuff that it could be.

I am worried sick as well as being tired and worn out, mainly with worry and although she's fine through the night she will cry to sleep with me when unwell.

I also have two other kids to look after and no family around to help and with it being school hols it is much harder.

I really hope I get some answers soon and it's nothing too serious.

If ant parents reading this have had a similar experience or if any doctors are reading please share your thoughts. Thanks.

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