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Want to Contribute to a Show About the Industry??

By Blairbarnes


Working in a RESTAURANT is hard. Getting along with all your COWORKERS can be even harder…

Do you work in, own, or run a restaurant that’s full of WORKPLACE DRAMA?

Do you have a HOT-HEADED CHEF, a BOSSY HOSTESS, or a BARTENDER who thinks he’s GOD’s GIFT to cocktails?

Does your staff DATE each other, WHINE about each other, or FIGHT like a bunch of middle schoolers?

Do the BACK OF THE HOUSE and FRONT OF THE HOUSE have so many communication issues it’s amazing anyone ever gets their food?

If you own or work in a restaurant where staff issues are threatening to spill out into the dining room, a new show from a MAJOR CABLE NETWORK wants to help. Our experts are ready to take on any issue, from bad communication, jealousy, and fragile egos to the poor multi-tasker who slows everyone down and the line cook who loses his temper over every single substitution. They can take the heat in and out of the kitchen, and they’re eager to test and teach your staff to put their differences aside, respect one another, and work together to make your restaurant the very model of teamwork and efficiency. The show will be EDGY, EMOTIONAL, and ENTERTAINING as people confront their issues big and small, and the audience at home will have their eyes opened to all that the people who make and serve their food deal with on top of keeping their fickle customers happy.

Please email [email protected] with your NAME, CONTACT INFO, a recent PHOTO and some information about where you work and what kinds of workplace drama you are dealing with.


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