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Want to Be an Entrepreneur, but Don’t Know Where to Start? Start a Blog

Posted on the 10 December 2015 by Herby @billionsuccess

A couple of years of ago after college I wanted to start my own business. The problem was, even though I graduated with a Business Degree, I still didn't know the first thing about starting a business. I had no product, no ideas and no experience. But I knew I couldn't just wait for inspiration, I knew had to start something.

I did the easiest thing I could. I started a blog.

Today, this blog is the best thing I ever did as an entrepreneur. And no, I didn't do it to make money, and I am not in the blogging for money niche (who needs any more of those?) but I did and it gave something much more valuable. It gave the experiences I needed to start a real business. (Online or offline).

I am sharing this today because I know there are others now in the same position that I was. If you want to be an entrepreneur but you don't know where to start - start blog.

I learned a lot from blogging, more than I can list here. But below are the top 3 things that I learned:

How to Market your business online

As a new business owner, one of the most important things you'll need to learn is online marketing. Because no matter how awesome your product may be, you still need to know how to market it online. Here are some of the things blogging will help teach you.

  • SEO -Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing
  • Content marketing - How to use blogging to grow web traffic.
  • Social media marketing - How to create a social media following
  • Email subscribers - How to grow newsletter subscribers.

How to build a community

Something magical happens when you start blogging. You start making friends! I am sure by now you know how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded people when you're in business. Well, you start blogging, that's exactly what you'll get. A group of people with similar interest supporting you and your ideas.

Here are a few communities I am able to engage with:

  • Connect with successful entrepreneurs find mentors online by conducting interviews.
  • Mastermind groups - Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs & bloggers.
  • Online communities - Forums, blog commenting, private business communities.

How to find and validate business ideas

You would be surprise how many business ideas come rush to your head once you start blogging. Sometimes the answer to our questions are staring us right in the face and we can't see it. When you share your thoughts online you can get instant feedback from readers on whatever you're working on.

  • Idea validation - Feedback on potential products and business ideas.
  • Idea generation - Find problems to other people's product and solve it.
  • Support - Your readers will support you if you're being helpful.


I know a lot of other websites will tell different but you don't have to blog for money, blogging doesn't have to be your business, but you should still blog for the experience. Learn what you need to know to start the business you want.

With my blog I was been able to connect with hundreds of successful businesses, startups and tech founders at no cost. I know what I know now because of it. And since you're reading this, I am guessing you might be in the starting stages- If you are, I recommend you start blogging today.

If you need help setting up your blog or website follow this FREE how-to tutorial for beginners.

Happy blogging!

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