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Want Conversations? Get A Cockatiel As A Pet

By Petslady @petslady

Are you tired of talking to your pet cat without it giving you a response? Friends and family giving you funny looks when you carry on a twenty minute conversation with your dog? Well I think I have found the pet for you! Cockatiels, with the right training - can learn cute sayings, sing elegant songs, and even make cat calls at your friends!

Male cockatiel
Male cockatiel

Cockatiels are not only a stunning bird to look at, but they are also capable of having a very beautiful singing voice. Many cockatiel owners notice their birds start repeating terms or words they use frequently, and in some cases even sing songs they here often. Training cockatiels is very easy, but does take some patience.

Male cockatiels tend to speak with more comprehensibility than the females do. Simply because male cockatiels are born to use their chirps to find a mate, so the ability comes much more naturally.

The easiest phrase to teach a cockatiel is, "pretty bird". Simply buy a small mirror for your bird cage, and every time you see your cockatiel staring deeply into it repeat "pretty bird" and before you know it it will be saying it all the time!

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