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Walrus Classroom Activities

By Carolinearnoldtravel @CarolineSArnold
Walrus Classroom ActivitiesImagine your living room sofa with tusks.  That's about the size of a walrus!  These huge sea mammals are perfectly adapted to the icy waters of the Arctic. You can read about them in my book A Walrus' World.  As part of my research I watched walruses swimming in their huge tank at SeaWorld in San Diego. They are surprisingly graceful swimmers. Gliding past the window, the walruses resembled furry underwater spaceships.  SeaWorld's teacher guides include classroom activities that help children learn about the features of a walrus and demonstrate how its large size helps it stay warm.  Click here for an activity for grades 4-8 that uses peanut butter to test whether objects lose heat faster in water or in air. Click here for a singing activity about walruses for grades K-3.  You can find cards and prints of the art from my walrus book at my Etsy gallery CarolineArnoldArt.  Have fun!

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