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Walnut Barfi Recipe, How To Make Akhrot Ki Barfi

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Walnut Barfi- Healthy delicious walnut fudge

Walnut barfi is a healthy delicious and quite easy to make sweet. As Diwali is after 2 days everyone is busy gearing up for Diwali decoration and making delicious recipes. I have also made few sweet and savory items for family and to welcome my friends and relatives

I was so tired after making sweets ,savory ,date chutney ,green chutney and so many small little things that I decided that I have done enough and now will not make anything more, But tempted to try this walnut barfi yesterday evening. It turn out awesome and kids just loved it and half batch was finish in just tasting 🙂

Walnuts are very good for health. They are heart healthy as they can help to reduce the level of LDL Cholesterol and lower the chance to a blood clot that can cause heart attack.Walnuts also improve brain function. They are rich in anti oxidants and omega 3. Promotes healthy gut and reduces the chance of some types of cancer. Walnuts support weight control , mange type 2 diabetes and lower High Blood pressure.

For making walnut barfi you need just 3 ingredients- Khoya ,walnuts and sugar . I made khoya with milk powder but you can buy from the market if you don't want to make khoya at home. The recipe is simple just need to be stirred for quite some time.

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Walnut Barfi Recipe, How To Make Akhrot ki Barfi
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Wanut Barfi, Akhrot ki Barfi

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