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Walnut and Raisin Multigrain Sourdough Bread (Same Day)

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
Playing with my sourdough again after a long break.  Here is a Walnut and Raisin Multigrain Sourdough bread.  
Walnut and Raisin Multigrain Sourdough bread (Same day)

I added walnut and raisin as I noticed that my hubby tends to favour more on such bread.

Walnut and Raisin Multigrain Sourdough bread (Same day)

This time I did not use a dutch oven.

What you need:

15g flaxseed 150g bread flour20g rye flour

30g wholemeal flour125g water (an additional 50g come from the starter making a total of 70% Hydration) 100g Levain (Levain is 50% of total flour )5g Salt (2%)

Handful of walnut, toasted and chopped

Handful of raisinMethod:

On low heat, pan toast the flaxseed until it starts to crack.  Set aside.

Mix bread flour and water in a mixer and with a paddle hook, stir in slow speed for 2 – 3 mins.  Let it rest for 15 mins.
Change to hook and add in the levain. Knead another 6-8 mins till you can feel the window pane appear.
Transfer the dough to a bowl or container and add salt and gently give a few folds. Leave it for 3 hours.
During 3 hrs bulk ferment, do 3 sets of stretch and fold (S and F) at beginning ½ hour interval).
Add in chopped walnut and flaxseed.
Pre-shape and rest 20 mins in room temperature (29 to 31°C).
Do a final shaping and transfer to a banneton and leave it to proof for 45 min to an hour at room temperature.
Preheat the oven, with the Dutch oven, to 260°C.  
While the oven is preheating, place banneton into fridge for 40-60 minutes to stiffen the dough to aid scoring. Best to "eyeball" when final proofing is done.
Take out the dough from fridge and do a scoring.
Transfer to your dutch oven and put it into oven. Lower the temp to 230°C for 25 mins and bake with the cover.
Uncover the dutch oven and lower to 200°C and bake another 20 mins  until surface is golden brown. (Please adjust individual oven heat accordingly).
Remove bread and let it cool completely before slicing.
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