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Walking on Sunshine (2014) Review

Posted on the 29 January 2015 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Walking on Sunshine (2014) Review

A story which is pretty crazy and made even crazier by the number of cheesy ’80s songs that were placed throughout!

As you may already be aware I absolutely love a good musical and even the pretty bad musicals I tend to secretly love as well. However an awful musical like this one I do not love at all, this just seemed to try to take the same formula as Mamma Mia! with disastrous results. Let’s face it Mamma Mia wasn’t the best received film either in critic terms, but managed something special with audiences.

I should have known better than to watch this on Netflix UK recently as I am pretty sure it only lasted at the cinema for a week. It probably didn’t even deserve that either, I may be sounding rather harsh with this but a musical like this can still work if it has a decent story line and then fitting the songs in it.

But a story about two sisters who are in love with the same man? I just cannot accept that at all, especially the way it all pans out so many problems with that honestly. It was such a shame that Leona Lewis who has a brilliant voice didn’t get more in this really, as she can sing. Not the best role for a breakthrough into the world of film, but I thought she was one plus in the whole mess.

It doesn’t offer anything that had been tried before, which is probably its biggest downfall. It didn’t try to be different, I also don’t think 80s cheesy music is the best way to try and get an audience. I was born in ’87 so even this was all before my time, but don’t get me wrong I have danced many a night in a club to the cheesy songs. Maybe this film would be better if you were drunk? That is a very big possibility, as stone cold sober it was pretty painful. Saying all that though, I was in a funny mood and could not decide what else to watch, so in that sense it served a purpose?

I cannot really recommend you to subject yourself to this film, but if you really want to watch it I am sure it will be on Netflix UK for quite a while? Let me know if you have put yourself through this one?

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