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Walking New Hampshire – Walk Free Or Die

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

Now that we have a start date I can announce this:

new hampshire
Griffin and I will be walking the length of New Hampshire (from Canada to Massachusetts) this spring. Our start date is (for now) May 14th and we plan to walk apx 20 miles a day (on roads – no hiking). New Hampshire is apx 190 miles long and we’ve set aside 2 weeks to do this (which allows us to cut back a little on mileage if we run into problems.)

We’re not trying to raise money (but are not averse to working with a group) we’re just trying to prove that a mom and her son, who both have pretty severe Lyme related arthritic damage can still get up and walk New Hampshire.

Neither of us are interested in camping so we’ll be walking from hotel to hotel (or in some cases, friend’s house to friend’s house.) I’m starting to work on putting that all in place. Food is going to be hot and purchased (not living on granola bars.)

We will be working with the NH Department of Transportation on outreach to bring awareness to our trip in general and awareness to walking about New Hampshire. The entire trip will be documented, photographed and written about.

Some people think this is nuts, but from the woman who competed in a triathlon while in a leg brace and on crutches. I say “Game on.”


Although you don’t need much when walking, we are looking for sponsors for some equipment (backpacks, walking sticks, shoes, outdoor clothing, Advil (only a little kidding on that one :-) etc.) if you are, or if you know of anyone who might be, interested in helping to sponsor this trip, please let us know.

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