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Posted on the 09 February 2014 by Zer @the2women

20140209-123024.jpgNow that we’re two days into the Olympics, it’s hard to imagine discussing anything else. Between the events themselves and the parodies of  the bathrooms, hotel rooms, and countless other bizarre situations streaming out of Sochi, it’s difficult to resist.

But here at 2WC we pride ourselves on swimming against that stream of predictability. So today we’ll dare to be different and cover that other television event — the return of The Walking Dead.

Tonight, while many of you are being patriotic and emotionally supporting Team USA; nerds, dorks, and undead enthusiasts alike will be tuning into that feel good show that takes us back to a simpler time, when Atlanta was plagued not by incompetence, excuses, and two-inches of snow but the zombie apocalypse.

To those who don’t get the appeal of the undead, we get it. Rotting, walking corpses is a tough sell. To the truly squeamish, the idea of tuning in week after week to a show where the main characters are constantly in danger of having their faces eaten off…well, it sounds borderline insane.

However, if you think that the show, or the zombie mythology, is just about blood, guts, and gore, then you’re missing out.

The Walking Dead strips humanity down to its core (literally and figuratively), and asks the question — what makes us human?

Now doesn’t that sound downright philosophical? It’s really an ongoing education. Each week, we learn a little bit more about humanity and new inventive, exciting ways to kill zombies.

So go ahead and squirm at all of the blood, guts, and gore, but when it comes time for the real deal…you’ll probably want to make friends with Team USA. Something tells us they’ll last longer than your average zombie connoisseur.


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