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WALK IN MY SHOES, Marie Antoinette.

By Mmpotrony @mmpotrony
So, as I told you before, I will be postingsome of my art/design work here –you will probably realize that most of themare shoe design work related- anyway, I have a BIG obsession with MarieAntoinette, I adore her, she is amazing, literally I saw the movie like 500time, so for that reason I decided to create a shoe collection inspired by herand the XVII century, which was an era distinct by magnificencein dresses, wearing high and overdonehairstyles, heavy makeup, fancy clothes, ornamentsand overloaded footwear – I wish I was born back then-.
Marie Antoinette
At 15 she became a bride. At 19 she became a queen. By 20 she was a legend.
Don’t think my designs are someantique and outmoded kind of shoes, maybe they are just a little weird, causethey are expressing history, but the weirder the better, right? The shoes Idesigned are contemporaneous and maybe a little outrageous; they have some ofthe characteristics of the 1800’s shoes, like lots of details, expensive anddelicate fabrics, big heels, colorful, and each one of them represent eitherway a moment of the French Revolution or a simple thing relevant in the historyof France.
So, for the general idea of the collection, my inspirationwas the elements of women cloth and shoes in the XVII century, but for theindividual concept of every shoe, I had a different and unique inspiration, allrelated with France and its history. I first draw them in my sketchbook, andthen I decided to paint them with acrylics in some little piece of wood.It was harder to paint than to draw, but I wanted to do it in a different mediathan my other drawings. In this entrance I will show you the wholecollection, but I will explain and show you photos of each and single one shoe infuture posts. They are only 7, well actually in the beginning they were nine,but let’s say that the other two were disappointing –I’m a huge critic of myown work-, but anyway, I hope you like them, and I will wait your reviews onthis. I really want to know what you think.

WALK IN MY SHOES, Marie Antoinette.

Walk in my shoes, Marie Antoinette.

If you like them, wait for the individual postof each shoe. :)

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