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Wal Thornhill - Electric Universe - Thought Permeates the Universe

Posted on the 01 September 2016 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Wal Thornhill - Electric Universe - thought permeates the universe
this is realy freaky, just a few days ago I broached the subject of the Galactic Brain with Wal Thornhill on his Facebook page. I hadn't heard him talk directly about this aspect of the Electric Universe. But if you think about it, if electric currents drive through a cluster'd structure THAT'S A BRAIN.
Well, well, well, here's the most recent interview of Wal Thornhill over at the (generally esoteric and/or spiritual) Moore Show. You'd have thought that Wal would have been a bad mix for this show, but it works. It really works this time, especially when Wal cracks on about the SPEED OF UNIVERSAL THOUGHT. Properly good, and revelatory...
Watch, listen; learn.

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