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Wake-Up Call

By Masfashion

I had a travel post planned for today but I will post it another day. I have a product I must share with you! I have not been sleeping well the past few months. I can’t get to sleep and once I fall asleep I am awake at the drop of a feather. It is a vicious cycle and it continues to get worse and worse. The later you go to bed, the more your body gets used to that time, and when you try to go to sleep early you lay there awake for hours on-end praying sleep comes. I have tried melatonin (which did work for a while), reading before bed, all natural calming treatments, ect. and I still have this problem. Not only is my body getting to the point of exhaustion but my skin is also taking a beating. A few weeks ago I noticed it looking a little dull and lifeless – I can’t blame it. But if I am going to be tired, I can not look it!

One night I was watching, “Watch What Happens Live,” and the queen of amazing skin – Jennifer Lopez – shared her beauty secret. I figured it would be some miracle cream flown in especially for her from the Amazon or something so expensive only the queen of England and her use, but it wasn’t. She actually said her face cream came from Whole Foods (for anyone abroad you can get it at Selfridges). I ran to get a piece of paper and pen! Her beauty secret – Dr. Hauschka Day Rose Cream (now 20% off at checkout with code Beauty20). The next day I was at Whole Foods and buying this little miracle cream.

I have been using it for the past month and can really tell a difference in my skin. Not only does the cream smell absolutely amazing but the first ingredient is actually rose – which I feel is rare in most products that claim to be made of rose. The cream is definitely a thicker day cream but you never feel like it is heavy or weighing your skin down. It deeply moisturizes and brings out the best in your skin. It even brought my tired, lifeless skin back from the grave! And now, I can even see a little bit of that J.Lo glow!

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