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Wake up and Smell the Roses

By Superinspire @nenadciric


Recently as I was doing a research on a UK tv presenter at my work, I discovered that unfortunately he had lost his sense of smell due to sniffing ammonia during school years. This made me think: How often do we stop to appreciate our gift of smell? How often do we use it for something other than to just acknowledge unpleasant odor we’ve been exposed to? Besides the warning purpose, our olfactory sense provides us with some great pleasures like food aromas or elaborate perfume notes which we choose to match our personality. It’s more than a smell. It brings up memories of our childhood, people we love and miss, places we saw or dream of visiting one day. Every idea and emotion can be associated to a certain scent.

And what about simple yet beautiful flowers? When was the last time you admired a flower from close? So close you could appreciate its unique and delicate smell. A nature’s gift not only for your eyes, but for your nose too.

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