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Waisak Day | Borobudur Park

By Vikasacharya
Waisak Day | Borobudur Park

A major festival in the Buddhist Calendar, Waisak day celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha Siddharta Gautama. Borobudur is a central meeting point for Buddhists from all over Indonesia, and around the world on this auspicious day held every year, on a full moon in either April or May each year.Each year one of a series of Buddhist organizations take the lead in the festivities, which include a procession from Mendut temple through to Pawon temple and then Borobudur. Depending on the organizer of the year, the emphasis is slightly different, but it is always colorful and filled with festivity and food.The around 15,000 participants stretch for over a kilometer on the walk to Borobudur, where they settle before a dias with Borobudur as a backdrop.The thousands sit and join together in repeating mantras, is a powerful and humbling experience. Then a meditation begins, with a complete silence. Intense.

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