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W For Winter Wonderland

By Saleyourbooks Com
W For Winter Wonderland
All around, there are strange and mysterious sounds,It seems that only the strong blowing winds are around.As the cold winter winds blows,The night chills out and is covered with snow.The stars are freezing in the sky so high,Sometimes it seems they are even far from my sigh.As the snow blows against the house,I had myself in my warm blanket as if I am a small mouse.

Still I love winter wonderland,I sit down at my window with a cup of hot chai in between my hands.I love to see all the things covered with snow,It makes my mind and heart to blow.I like to see a white carpet on the ground,Where the deer tracks are abound.Watching the full moon rise above the horizon,

I like to feel the stillness of the snow sand,
All I love is this WINTER WONDERLAND.

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