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Posted on the 02 August 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

Back in 2015 we wrote a post about being sold.

The domain name appears to have sold.

The domain name was registered to a VS Media, Inc. of Calabasas, California until a couple of months ago when it went under privacy at Godaddy.  However the servers did not change and the domain was registered at Godaddy while it was owned by VS Media, Inc. as recently as 2006 was an adult site Video Secrets according to

More recently the domain was used to sell Customized Live Video Web Communication

The domain name’s whois information updated on October 1st and the new owner is Wang Yong of China

In the latest newsletter there is talk of changing hands again. According to the story the domain was not sold for money but rather something else.

Another premium has been acquired by a startup company. When asked how much this domain name was sold for, investor Qi Xiu said that he didn’t take money for this name. He told us that the buyer was a friend of his and they exchanged something else for the domain. As for the question of what they exchanged, we are unable to know right now.

The startup looks to be called Chengdu IB Technology Co., Ltd.

When looking at there is an about us which Google translate has relayed as the following:

Chengdu IB Technology Co., Ltd. by the international professional investment institutions and leading domestic Internet operators jointly established. China is committed to building a professional innovation

Business application platform, the new interactive media, games, finance and other areas of the main line, is involved in the field of industry leading provider of Internet products, technical and operational solutions.

Chengdu IB uphold professional, innovative, comprehensive, fine core concept, with the current leading Internet technology and operational means to bring the greatest value for our partners and customers.

Chengdu IB principal team members have years of experience in government, the Internet, media and financial aspects; at the same time with the domestic industry leader to establish a close strategic partnership.

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