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Vodka Orange Creamsicle

By Ally @allykitchen

Sipping on this vodka orang creamsicle brings back memories of a favorite ice cream from childhood. And, now it's the adult version!

Orange Creamsicle

What was your favorite ice cream as a kid? I can safely say, one of my two favorites was the orange creamsicle!

Drinks with Vanilla Vodka

Drinks with vanilla vodka are quite tasty. But, you don't have to buy vanilla vodka. You can make your vodka more 'vanillaeeeee' with some simple additions of ingredients.

Dreamsicle Drink

Yes, this is the dreamsicle drink. It's got that citrusy pop and the creaminess mixed in with the big mound of whipped cream.

Orange Cream Vodka

Orange cream vodka cocktails are certainly refreshing and can be somewhat addictive. I mean you don't even feel like you're drinking an alcoholic drink. So, with that in mind, drink responsibly!

Orange Creamsicle Drink

Remember the original creamsicle? It was vanilla ice cream on a stick! And, it had an iced orange juice coating on the outside. While orange was the original flavor, there've been other flavors including blueberry, strawberry and grape. But, my pick is the orange! And, let's not forget there was an orange push up, too!

Orange Cream Drink

Now this orange cream drink is so reminiscent of the dreamsicle or creamsicle. Yes, both of these are brand names for this glorious treat for kids.

Having a dream or cream 'sicle' is like having both orange sherbert and vanilla ice cream swished and swirled together. The combination of the subtle tart of the orange and the rich cream of the vanilla is a perfect balance.

Orange Cream Vodka Drinks

Now add to that the vodka and you've got one amazing adult version of the dream or cream 'sicle'!

While Creamsicle is actually owned and trademarked by Popsicle, it's the yummy stick treat that combines orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream. Actually according to my good friend Jennie of Pastry Chef Online, "... Dreamsicle-no-® refers to the combination of vanilla and orange in pretty much any form."

So there you have it. The dilemma of what's what is solved!

Vanilla Vodka Orange Creamsicle

If you want to squeeze fresh orange juice for this drink, then that's an added bonus. But, a good quality OJ is a must. And, whether you prefer pulp or no pulp is another personal preference. I love the texture of a little pulp!

Vodka Drinks

Next time you're wondering what to mix for your vodka drinks, give the vodka orange creamsicle a whirl! But if you want something that's more boho-like, then check out my Vodka Infused Gypsy Fruit Drink!

It's one of those cocktails that you'll use for probably a special occasion. An occasion that you want to be memorable with this drink or maybe this Modern Pineapple Madras Cocktail. And, sipping and stirring a tasty kid memory with your adult age-appropriate privileges makes this drink all the better!

vodka orange creamsiclevodka orange creamsicle

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