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Vodka Infused Gypsy Fruit Drink

By Ally @allykitchen
vodka infused gypsy fruit drink

This vodka infused fruit recipe for a festive cocktail will show you how easy making fruit in alcohol is! The refreshing vodka drink recipe will go fast!

Vodka Infused Fruit

Easy vodka drinks with vodka infused fruit don't get much simpler than this recipe! Better watch this fruit in alcohol "gypsy" drink will disappear quickly! And, always remember to drink responsibly!

Fruit in Alcohol

Fruit in alcohol is a popular way to create festive cocktails. And, whether it's the holidays or just a weekend soiree, large or small, vodka infused fruit drinks will be a hit. What's going to be super important is to monitor what your guests are sipping because this recipe for vodka infused fruit is so yummy that you'll continue to sip sip sip. And, responsible consumption is imperative!

Vodka Infused Fruit Recipes

If you search cyberspace for vodka infused fruit recipes, you're going to get tens of thousands on how to make fruit vodkas! However, there's no need to search any further than this recipe because it's simple, easy and guaranteed delicious! If you want to do just a singular fruit, you certainly can. But I love the different fruits that add to the bold flavors and that give the vodka drinks with fruit their signature hues.

Vodka Drinks with Fruit

Vodka drinks with fruit are a treat for the eyes as well as the palate. Make it a day or more ahead of when you're going to serve it, and the flavors will infuse and grow into something even more fragrant and intoxicating!

Fruit Vodka

Since this fruit vodka is just so dang colorful and eclectic in flavors, it reminded me of a free-spirited gypsy look. The colors and patterns of dress and decor that define and distinguish.

Vodka With Fruit

Remember, it's important to serve food or nibbles when you're serving this vodka with fruit alcohol. And, this recipe for spicy pork fajitas would be perfect with the sweetness of the vodka drink with fruit!

Vodka DRink

Since I created this vodka drink as a hostess gift, I put it in a glass container that I got at WalMart. It works perfectly, but for serving you could use not only a pitcher. Vintage, antique, silver, certainly something clear so you can see the array of fruit colors. But, also one of the jug drink dispensers available at retailers like Pottery Barn and others. Delightful and desperately sexxxy, this 'vodka infused fruit drink' is quick and easy and something that just will make your heart flutter with happiness!

Fruity Drinks

Oh, I've got some killer fruity drinks that can be non-alcoholic if you wish!

Pineapple Mint Spiked Green Tea Modern Pineapple Madras Cocktail

vodka infused gypsy fruit drink

vodka infused gypsy fruit drink

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