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"Vodka and Fed Bull"

Posted on the 16 January 2014 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth
Excellent play on words by The Daily Mail to accompany their article, which disappoints slightly by starting with the punchline and then working backwards, getting bogged down in ever more irrelevant trivia as it goes on:  A cunning farmer managed to catch a runaway bull by getting it drunk on vodka mixed in with his feed. The animal escaped from the farm in Kallmünz near Regensburg, Germany, in the summer and the farmer had been trying to catch it ever since. It had been evading capture by hiding in the Bavarian woods and the owner was getting desperate.   He applied to the vets for permission to shoot and kill the beast as it was causing concern in the local area. The Local reports the permission was denied and he was still unable to snare it.  He tried tracking it for six months and shooting it with a tranquiliser but it failed and the bull was still running free [etc]

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