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VMA's 2011: The Fabulous & The Crazy Looks

By Kena @campchic


Hello Loves!  I hope you are all having a wonderful week! My week is a bit crazy and my post today is a little on the short side. I wanted to share my favorite and not so favorite looks from the VMA's this past Sunday. I would love to know what some of your favorite looks were?



Lady B looked absoluetly stuning in her sunset-orange LANVIN gown!  I am mean could she look any more gorgeous than she already is?! I'm a Beyonce fan thru and thru but I haven't always been crazy about some of her fashion choices. I was so thrilled to see her in something a bit more classic!  She really knocked it out of the park this award show. I guess that "baby glow" does wonders! 




I heart Adele! Her voice is amazing and she's so beautiful. She nailed this 60's inspired look without looking dated. The dress fits her perfectly and her shoes are killer!




What to wear?  I know, I'll wear my surgical mask and bedazzle it with legos and then I'll sew the stuff animal I got at the circus on my skirt. Oh wait I should probably also wear the tutu I wore for my first dance recital when I was 3 years old and then I can top it off with a plastic bustier. This had to be Nicki Minaj's thought process  as she was getting dressed for the VMA's. Ms. Minaj is very talented but I would have loved to see her in something a little less overwhleming.




Who told these two jokers - otherwise known as lil Wayne and Ne-yo to wear leopard. Apparently Lil Wayne didn't get the memo that jeggings for men were out of style and should NEVER be worn, especially when your belt can't hold them up around your waist. Ne-yo's outfit isn't as hideous as lil Wayne's. However, NO MAN should rock leopard unless your name is Tom Jones and you are performing at the Palm Casino hotel in Vegas. 



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