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Visualising Sagittarian Energies with Eastern Symbolism

By Luphil

A week ago we entered into Sagittarius – my birth sign… I’m trying to paint an annual cycle of the female aspects of the divine in relation to the signs of the zodiac. When I pondered upon the qualities of Sagittarius, Jupiter, fullness and expansion came into my mind. The animal related to Jupiter is the elephant, and the Indian goddess of wealth represented with elephants is Lakshmi. The two lotuses in her hand stand for the unfoldment into the subjective and objective light. So I thought it must be the divinity related to Sagittarius. I painted the following picture. In the upper part I visualised the descent of blessing energies from higher circles.

Visualising Sagittarian Energies with Eastern Symbolism

Expansion and Fulfilment

I sent the picture to Sri Kumar, and he answered that the divinity related to Sagittarius is Lord Narayana. I thought, oops, this is neither the female aspect nor is is possible to change the picture. I took the challenge and looked in the transcriptions of seminars Sri Kumar had given on topics of spiritual astrology and I found that there were other Gods related to Sagittarius as well: Lord Dattatreya, represented in Indian mythology with three heads of an eternal youth, the higher potency of Lord Maitreya, and Ganesha, my favourite, the one with the elephant head. The tree related to Sagittarius and Dattatreya is the Ficus Religiosa. Lord Narayana stands for the descent and ascent of the waters of life, the great cycle of creation.

So the following picture came about:

Visualising Sagittarian Energies with Eastern Symbolism

The Tree of Wisdom and the Waters of Life

You see Ganesha reading at the bottom of the tree, representing the Tree of Wisdom, through which you see flowing the waters of life, and the heads of the youthful Dattatreya are looking down. It says, that Ganesha is representing Dattatreya on the physical plane. The eyes above symbolise the cosmic Lord, Narayana. You can download a high-resolution version at the gallery “Images of Synthesis“.

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