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Visit to the Swiss National Arboretum

By Luphil

Teaching respect for nature and its multi-fold expressions of beauty is something important. One way to do so is providing spaces like an Arboretum, a kind of botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants for purposes of science, education or just rest and recreation. In Switzerland, the Swiss National Arboretum is located in the Aubonne valley between Geneva and Lausanne, close to the Lake of Geneva. A year ago, my wife had been there for a seminar on Earth Energies and told me about its beauty. So a week ago we decided to go there with our eldest son on the occasion of his 24th birthday.

The Arboretum covers an area of about 2 square kilometres, and you can walk there for hours. We did two walks, with a lunch pause in a Florentine restaurant in between. There are different areas of different ecotypes: of north-west America, with giant sequoias etc.; of Japan, with cherry birches; of old orchards or other collections, like cedars from Africa or Patagonian conifers. Here are some impressions of our tour.

The entrance of the Arboretum - free entrance
We tried to tune into the aura of the trees - some are very willing to share energy, while others keep it closed.
Walking through the forest
Mother and son
Magnolia tree fruits
Visit to the Swiss National Arboretum
We collected seet chetstuns for two dinners - delicious
Sweet chestnuts
The Aubonne river and a small reservoir for producing electricity
Thuja bush
A conifer from Patagonia
Alley with old orchard trees
On the bridge
Crossing the Aubonne river
A Japanese tree
Autumn reflection
A covered bridge
The Aubonne
Between huge Thuja trees
Meadow with huge Thujas

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