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Visit to My Local Occupation.

Posted on the 11 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
I mentioned to Dog Gone that I went to the local rally to see what is going on. That probably differentiates me from most of the people commenting on this blog.
The protests are near where I work. In fact, I marched with them as they began their protests on the first day.
It was mostly people hanging about, but I did see members of pretty much every ethnicity. Although the movement was pretty young. I am not really committed to camping out. Not to mention I couldn't figure how they would keep their tents blowing over in a wind.
One protestor I talked to was an MBA who was out of work. Although, I wouldn't try to stick them into one group since it's a fairly diverse lot.
The clip below is interesting since it mentions a general strike, which is something I've heard mentioned as a possibility on both sides of the Atlantic. While General Strikes are common here, the most famous of which was the 1926 Strike, they are less common in the States. Calls are becoming more frequent for the possibility of such a strike in the US.
Quite frankly, this is far more of a popular rebellion than the tea party movement. That's probably why the astroturfers are here with their posts. But one can visit a local protest to see that the astroturfers are waging a losing war.
These are the people who are suffering who are finally finding their voice. That voice cannot be silenced.
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