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Visit of the Bhimili Master and Another Concert

By Luphil

Yesterday afternoon we were blessed with the visit of the Master of Bhimili, Sivananda Murthi Garu.Normally he comes to give his blessings at every Guru Pooja, since 1972, but this year he could not come. So we were happy to have him with us for a short stay in the retreat center.

The silent energy of his presence filled the whole room when he entered, and it was very beautiful to witness the two masters together.

I couldn’t follow typing the words he was saying, I just noted a few sentences I give here as a short extract:

“The Jagad Guru (World Tacher) has so many forms, yet one guru, one God, one form. The worship is to every form. We don’t know where we go, from where we have come. But man is not his body, man is not his mind. Jivatman is in the body. Together we are here for a while. We meet in truth. God has to be experienced. Is it my experience? No, we are with God. He is in air, water, earth, fire, ether. Each one of us we should be conscious that we are beyond the body. I have passed through many births and lives. The light shows you the path, that is the Guru. There is no language, no classification. His silence is , he is our father, protector. That is behind, the Sat Guru. Mind is talking too much. Mental silence makes you get out of the noise. Silence is there, we call it pranava, OM. God is not man-made. Think of one Guru in many gurus, one God in many forms. What is not truth is not the light.”

Visit of the Bhimili Master and another Concert

Sri Kumar honouring Sivananda Murthi Garu with a shawl and touching his feet

Visit of the Bhimili Master and another Concert

The Master of Bhimili, Sivananda Murthi Garu

We immediately afterwards left for another beautiful concert with Dr. Balamurali Krishna and his musicians, it was very impressive. Again Sri Kumar led a short meditation before the concert and afterwards honoured the musicians.

Visit of the Bhimili Master and another Concert

This morning Sri Kumar told us some interesting points about what he had said yesterday to the musicians and the public, for all was in Telugu. Again my notes are not complete and might contain mistakes:

Visit of the Bhimili Master and another Concert

“Balamurali was asked to sing some things from the book, but it was not good. That he did 50 years ago. Now he is in a kind of creativity, he is so far away into creativity, you can’t make him do things which are so much back. I spoke to the public, you should learn of such persons to be creative. It is only non-creative minds that go by structures. By 7 years he knew the musical system. He did not learn music in this life, he came back to give music. He is different from those who learn and accomplish. He has accomplished in previous lives and has come back. I also said, he is chosen by music, he did not chose. I also said, there are people who chose wisdom and try to follow, there are some others whom wisdom chooses. He belongs to the second category, not the first. Some people are born, even by birth they have not to learn, they cannot be compared with others.

He once was given 10 minutes time to sing in French (before members of the French government), he went back, looked to the language and music, came back and sung to the astonishment of all. This would be impossible for a normal mind. He was always very humorous, even yesterday. He said, there is a beautiful young lady by my side, I cannot sing. He is a very humorous person, very simple. He always says, I don’t know music, music knows me.

He comes from Andhra Pradesh, he has been given 14 doctorates all over the world, doctorate of letters. It is an honor. Outside India he has many awards, but not here. I said yesterday that no prophet is ever recognised in his native land. Yesterday I spoke of him, he told me he felt happy about what I said. He wants to come to my bureau now at 10 o’clock, so I wait for his phone call.
Our honouring him is nothing for him, it is honouring ourselves. He is above such things.”

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