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Virgo – Kwan-Yin, the Mother of Grace

By Luphil

Though we have not yet entered into the sign of Virgo, I would like to publish already the picture I painted for the month, since we will go on  holidays in 2 days.

While I was inwardly searching for the expression of the picture for Virgo, I came across photos of a statue of Kwan Yin I took in the house of friends in Alsace, France. Each time I saw the sculpture I was fascinated by its beauty and serenity.

In May, 3 days after an ear surgery, my wife had arranged for me a bioresonance treatment to stabilise the energies of my body. I was astonished that the therapist proposed to me to treat me first with the vibrations of the Aura Soma essence of Kwan Yin. It was a bottle with a pale orange colour, and as soon as she applied the frequencies I inwardly felt a vivid vibration of a similar colour, though brighter. She then continued treating the effects of the anaesthesia which provoked a metallic feeling with a dark red colour, and then she changed to applying the frequency of an orange essence, and I immediately experienced a field of strong orange / golden yellow.

Next day the picture to bring down was quite clear inside. At first I cut out a photo of the statue of Kwan Yin and changed the greyish colours to golden yellow. I then searched a photo of a waterfall, and the proper flow was a picture I took 5 years ago of the waterfall below the Beatus Caves (a place in the Bernese Alps where many years ago St. Beatus lived, a monk of Irish origin) and changed its colours to a similar reddish-gold. Afterwards I took a picture of the ceiling decoration of an Indian Minakshi temple. Minakshi is related to Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo, having complementary energies; she is the goddess with “eyes of fish” showering grace through her looks. I transformed the picture in perspective and made a double overlay. Then I took a picture of a golden yellow lotus flower and arranged it as the Sahasrara of Kwan Yin, and added the picture of a sun globe. Finally I took a circle of moon phases and arranged it as a garland of Kwan Yin, placing the full moon / new moon behind her head – moon is the inner ruler of Virgo, being a reflector for the rays of Neptune.

I then printed out the image on paper and started working on the colours and shapes to get the right transitions between the different color shapes. Then I scanned the image and worked again on it with the computer to gain the right luminosity of the colours. Some test prints and finally picture shone forth in its proper radiance.

At the end I searched for the description of the spiritual meaning of Kwan Yin and the symbolism I had used:

“Kwan-Shai-Yin is identical with, and an equivalent of the Sanskrit Avalokiteshwara, and as such he is an androgynous deity. Under his female aspect, he becomes Kwan-Yin, the goddess of mercy, called the “Divine Voice.” In the Vedic and the Puranic symbolism, this plane of the divine Word is also called Gayatri, the Great Mother of the Dawn. The World Mother is called the Virgin, who finds her expression as a principle in nature and in man through the sign Virgo.”
From the “Secret Doctrine” and “Spiritual Astrology”

Virgo – Kwan-Yin, the Mother of Grace

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