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Viral Video: Baby Penguin’s First Encounter with Human Captured on Video

By Periscope @periscopepost

Baby Gentoo penguin meets human for the first time

Baby Gentoo penguin meets human for the first time.

Penguins are adorable and baby penguins even more mind-blowingly so – as this video of a baby Gentoo penguin in Antarctica meeting a human for the very first time proves.

The human here is Joel Oleson, blogger and adventurer. And he’s a brave man, as blogger Jennifer Viegas noted at Discovery News: “Looking at the footage, you have to admire his bravery in the moment, as the curious penguin looks like it could have poked one of Oleson’s eyes out if it had chosen to do so.”

Oleson’s video of his meeting with the penguin went viral in the last week, he noted on his blog, with appearances on Yahoo!’s homepage, ABC’s Good Morning America, and Fox – but he’s got his eyes on a bigger prize: “I’m really pulling for the Ellen Show or Tosh.0, if they are listening. I’m in!”

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