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Viral Video: 12 Year-old Skateboarder Becomes First Person Ever to Pull off a Gnarly 1080 Air Trick

By Periscope @periscopepost
Viral video: 12 year-old skateboarder becomes first person ever to pull off a gnarly 1080 air trick

A skateboard. Photo credit: Tomeno Naoki

12-year old Tom Schaar has become an overnight internet sensation worldwide after he became the first person (of any age) to pull off a 1080 – a near-impossible trick which requires six 180-degree spins in the air and a successful landing. Schaar, who is is backed by sponsor Red Bull, achieved the remarkable feat on only his fifth attempt while skating at the MegaRamp at Woodward West in Tehachapi, California, reported The Los Angeles Times‘ Sports Now blog.

“I’m pretty stoked,” Schaar said afterward. “I thought it’d take three days of trying it 40 times …. I was definitely high enough and I could tell I was spinning fast enough, and right at about 720 I saw the coping and I was two to three feet above the coping and I got around that last 360, and I was just amazed.”

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk tweeted: “In the last year I’ve seen Shaun White try 1080s & Mitchie Brusco crash-land a few. Tom Schaar nailed it.”

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