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Violence Declines Historically

Posted on the 19 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
So, given the analysis regarding weapons and declining aggression, both military and civilian........doesn't this strongly argue against the reasoning of the gun nuts, pro-gunners, and outright gun lunatics who keep insisting they gotta have their guns or they are going to diiiiiiiieeeeeeeee?
The facts, once again, do not support their contentions. They want guns because it gives them an artificial sense of power to people who are inherently impotent, and who have swollen lumpy amygdalas. People who have real empowerment and competence and potency don't need guns to know they are powerful human beings who can cope with situations by their intellect and skills. They don't have problems with civil society and law enforcement that only uses lethal force as a last resort.
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