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By Jadecharlotte @jadeodonnell_
vinyls.Originally posted: 30th May 2019
I’ve slowly been building up a small but treasured vinyl collection over the past few years from hidden gems I’ve found in charity shops to old hand-me-downs from family and friends or simply just brand new. There’s still quite a lot out there that I want to track down and some that are more hard (or expensive) to find than others and I’m sure it’d be ten times cheaper to just get off iTunes but there’s just something so nice about having a physical copy of music you can hold and touch in this digital age. Plus for days like today when you feel a bit crappy it’s nice to stick one on and have a cup of tea and just enjoy the rawness vinyl has to offer than you can’t get simply listening off your phone/YouTube. Also really enjoying this vintage Huji filter, gives me very cozy, old school vibes. What’d ya think? Do you have any favorite records in your collections? Or any you’ve got your eye on? Let me know.

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