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VINYL OF THE DAY: Sunless Throne - Samadhi

Posted on the 07 September 2020 by Ripplemusic
VINYL OF THE DAY: Sunless Throne - Samadhi
Without a doubt, one of the more bizarre releases sent in to the VINYL OF THE DAY column.  Not bizarre musically, although it is, but bizarre because there is NO information available about this release.  Do a google search.  Go to the listed website.  Scan Facebook.  Nothing.  Nada.
I know it was recorded at Royal Recording, a cool studio in Colorado.  I know somehow this is associated with a company called Pluto Threads, which appears to be an apparel company.  That's about it.
VINYL OF THE DAY: Sunless Throne - Samadhi So what do we have here?  Well despite the very hippy, trippy, new-consciousness album titles, this is a pretty damn killer slice of extreme metal. Much more thrash than death, guitars crunch and blaze behind the throat shredding singing of "the singer." 
I'd tell you to track this baby down, if you can find it.  Perhaps your search will be more fruitful than mine.  But thanks for sending this in.  Kicking my morning off right.
Thanks to Pluto Threads for sending this in (I think)
Purple marbled vinyl.  2019
VINYL OF THE DAY: Sunless Throne - Samadhi

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