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Vintage Summer Lovin’

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

The warmer days and cooler nights bring back fond memories of backyard barbecues, fresh strawberry pies, and splashes in the pool. Summer, please come soon! But, until then, enjoy these swimsuit photos as we take a trip down memory lane. Three things come to mind for a long-lasting summer: legs, red lipstick, and lots of smiles!

SuitUp2Vintage Summer Lovin

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Vintage Summer Lovin

Bathing Beauties Blue 54 thumb2Vintage Summer Lovin

Bathing Beauty thumb1Vintage Summer Lovin

6107725542 19e6c34ef1Vintage Summer Lovin

c cc 008 300Vintage Summer Lovin

Vintage Summer Lovin

5954365578 de2c1e93b7Vintage Summer Lovin

3942367012 54eb2bf0e3 oVintage Summer Lovin

tumblr lhpsn68kJD1qdho8eo1 r1 500Vintage Summer Lovin

girlsinbuckets021 1024x801Vintage Summer Lovin

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