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Vintage Clothing - The Crafty Camper

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean
As we have all experienced, fashion can repeat itself in many forms. There will be items on the shelves today, that I will know just by looking at them, what the designers year of inspiration was.  You will often find many designers today, that are inspired by certain decades and will create collections with those particular years in mind.  For example I'm seeing a lot of 60's inspired items at the moment with plenty of coral colours all from that era.  Sometimes you'll find that the designers will have taken the inspiration and been creative with it through the fabric, or the style, or perhaps through the use of a certain prints. I always love new clothing that takes inspiration from the past, but equally so, I very much love to get hold of actual vintage pieces.  Not only do vintage items represent fashion thats been, but they tend to ooze the sheer personality of the decade they come from. 
I discovered an online company called The Crafty Camper who sell vintage clothing.  All Items on the website are genuine vintage, either from the 1960s or 1970s.  All items are hand picked by the owner herself, they're in great vintage condition and there is only one of every item. 
The biggest bonus with vintage fashion, is that its all been made to an excellent standard. Clothing created years ago was of high quality, unfortunately todays high street stores aren't always to the same standard.  Many fashion retailers often chain produce clothing, which loses the quality perfection that fashion once had.
Vintage Clothing - The Crafty CamperVintage Clothing - The Crafty Camper Vintage Clothing - The Crafty Camper Vintage Clothing - The Crafty Camper These are a just a few of the items The Crafty Camper have offered, but as mentioned they only have one off items.  It's always wise if you really like something to get it, as it will go!
The company started out creating VW Jewellery and sold these handpieced items at specialist camper van shows, but because of the popularity they decided to add vintage items.  They sell some items online, but tend to sell more when they're on the road - you can find out if they're going to be anywhere near you by popping over to their website.  You'll also notice they can arrange private viewings and also clothing parties - a fab idea for you and your friends to get together and indulge in some bargain vintage shopping!
Vintage clothing is great to use when styling, as I mentioned many looks that have been popular in previous years come back into fashion.  You can create certain ensembles by simply using one or two vintage items and it can set off the image you're after perfectly.  The best thing about vintage clothing is its totally unique to the person wearing them, plus it's always a fantastic bargain!  Who doesn't love thrifty shopping?!  Why not enjoy thrifty shopping and some classic vintage style with it!
Vintage Clothing - The Crafty Camper xoxo

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