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Vintage Clothes for Every Occasion

By Fashionbloggeritalia @PamelaSoluri

Do you find yourself partial to vintage clothing, but wondering how this style fits into current fashion? There are Vintage Style Special Occasion Dresses available for every situation, from a concert to prom, from a night out to a wedding. They are timeless and add a unique sense to any wardrobe. Here are examples of vintage clothes that will rock your closet.
The Victorian fashion, in particular, includes many trends in British culture that emerged and developed in 1830-1900 approximately. This period saw many changes in terms of trends in vogue.
Fashionable Victorian characterized by flared sleeves and the extreme simplicity of ornaments and profiling, contrasted with the one called Edwardian.
The corsets were tight and contrasted with the hips and wrapped amplified and the lower back and ruffles underlined by the "bustle"
Shirts and jackets, often batten, is peppered with lace and ruffles and gigot sleeves, wide and voluptuous on the shoulder and then converge on the narrow cuffs, help to give a sophisticated and extravagant appearance to the woman who chooses the new fashion and "sinful".

Vintage clothes for every occasion

Vintage Wedding Dresses
The wedding dress, at any age, is the most important leader in the life of a woman.
The nineteenth century, however, is the key century for this item of clothing, as well as for the many traditions linked to the wedding day.
For the most elegant feel on your special day, choosing a vintage wedding dress will leave you feeling timeless and whimsical, how better to start your journey to a life of romantic memories? Choose anything between high waistlines, empire waists, lacy or silky. There is no lack in variety to choose from; and let's face it, this is your one day to be dramatic if you so choose.

Victorian Era Costumes
For a historical wedding in Victorian style, the wedding dress will necessarily be white and decorated with lace. They will not have to miss corsets, white gloves possibly elbow-length and embroidered handkerchiefs such as Pompadour style; within the will be easy to find a dress that is suited to these requirements.
Victorian style is an austere, elegant and sometimes retro. Suitable for romantic women who love corsets, skirts, collars, corsets, dressing up a little as brides of yesteryear.

Vintage clothes for every occasion

The bride in the nineteenth century: the bouquet and accessories
Strictly white, the bouquet was the last gift of the groom to the bride before the wedding.
Inevitable as gloves. The model wedding had a slot to be able to wear their faith without having to take off.
Among the jewels of the bride, often diamonds, pearls possibly ever, there is every opportunity to enter a family jewel and something new, maybe you are given by the groom.

Vintage clothes for every occasion

Specific Labels
Certain brands have long been a favourite among vintage designs. If you have a vintage piece but do not have the original label attached due to wear and tear, a new one can be printed for you. As an bonus, labels can also be made for your vintage designs if you happen to be in the clothing and fashion industry. One place to have these tags made is through Wunderlabel. They offer text labels, woven labels, hang tags, and printed gift ribbons as some of their tagging options. You have a choice between text only, or a picture can be displayed as part of a specific artwork option. They have examples of customer designs on their website. Vintage clothes have made a statement across time that can hardly be matched. That is why so many of these styles keep coming back in fashion year after year. From t-shirts to high waist pants, to the sailor look, or even to dressing like a housewife at the office for a splash of sophistication, these styles all scream timeless when they are worn, making statements that suit your preference. So, do not throw out any older clothes you may have. You never know when they might be worth something.

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