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Vin Diesel Tells Fans He Has a Meeting with Marvel

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

Vin Diesel, who has been famously communicating with his fans via Facebook for years, posted today that Marvel has requested a meeting with him. After putting some “super secret” movies on the release calendar, without announcing what films they are, could Vin Diesel be looking to step into a major superhero role for Marvel? There has been instant speculation from fans as to what role he might play, from the absurd (Iceman) to the more likely (Black Panther). Even though Diesel is bi-racial, Marvel has been actively trying to get a Black Panther film off the ground for a while. Another rumor is that he might be playing The Vision, which would work Ant Man into Avengers 2. An even better suggestion comes in the idea that Vin could play Rhino in The Amazing-Spiderman 3. So I guess the question is, who do you think he should play?

Diesel’s star has been on the rise recently with the resurgence of the Fast and Furious franchise. He will star in an upcoming Riddick film, and will even revive his Xander Cage character for a XXX sequel. The better question is, does he even have time to be a superhero?

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