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Vikings Can’t Let Harvin Intimidate Them

By Brettclancy @thebrettclancy

Percy Harvin has one year left on his rookie deal. He’s made demands for a huge extension, a trade and I’m sure he’d like both. The Vikings have recently come out as willing to consider Harvin’s trade request, but I don’t think they should be in any hurry. Harvin is an explosive playmaker and he unquestionably makes the team better. Unless someone is willing to offer a worthy bounty , I think Minnesota needs to suck it up and take a stand against the troubled Wide Receiver.

Harvin claims he will hold out of team activities if he doesn’t get a new contract. Let him. He’s under contract, and if he thinks a hold out is going to make any other team willing to throw money at him, he’s in for a harsh wake up call.

Let me be clear. Harvin is a talented player, and completely deserving of a lucrative contract, but it has to be within reason. The latest report is that he’s looking for Calvin Johnson an Larry Fitzgerald money and he’s just not at that level. What he needs is something a bit more modest, with significant performance incentives. After all the main issue with Harvin isn’t his talent it’s his injuries. This way if he does miss significant time the Vikings save some money and if not his performance dictates how much he makes.

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