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Vietnamese Spring Roll

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
I used to hang out with my colleagues to cook up a storm.   It was truly enjoyable as we came from different background, Vietnamese, Filipino, Taiwanese and Singaporean, we get to enjoy different home-cooked cuisines each time we gathered and it was so fun.
One of the dishes that I learned was the Vietnamese Spring Roll.  Simple and yet an interesting story he shared.  
To be a good daughter in law, the dipping sauce is how a future parents in law gauge whether she can cook or not.  
Vietnamese Spring Roll
I like homemade as we are free to load up on the fillings.  So my rolls are all fat and round. hahahah   
This dish is versatile too as it can be a starter or a one-dish meal.  
What you need:
Prawns (devein and deshell)Lean porkMint BasilBeans sproutLettuceVermicelli, blanchedRice paper
Steam the prawns and lean pork.  Sliced the lean pork.
Wet the rice paper with water.
Place prawn, lean pork, beansprout, mint, basil and lettuce.
Wrap it up.
Dipping sauce
4 Chilli1 lemon juice8 cloves garlicSugarwaterfish sauce
Crush chilli and garlic and mix them with the lemon juice.
Season with sugar and water accordingly.
Lastly add in the fish sauce.
Blessed Christmas to all.
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