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Vietnamese Pigs (Pot-bellied Pigs)

Posted on the 11 November 2011 by Bgdn_adrian

Vietnamese pigs (Pot-bellied pigs)Description: There is a small breed of pigs that, after studies of specialists in the field, would seem to have no cholesterol. Keeping in mind that the taste of its meat is very similar to the common pork, meat makes it an ideal product for those suffering from various diseases, for those who keep diets or want to live healthier. A pig is much smaller than the common pig, grows up to 120 kg, and such meat sells for approx. 10 euro / kg of pork or a two-month pig for
80-100 euros. Vietnamese pigs are much easier to maintain and consume much less than the common pig.
Resources needed:-availability for locations outside the city
   - Funds for purchasing the pigs
   - Expenditure on food
   - Availability and cost of maintenance and cleaning
Advantages: - Healthy products are increasingly sought
   - Much smaller spaces than growing traditional pigs
   -  The selling price is very good
   - Businesses of this type have great potential
Disadvantages: - difficulties in the slaughter process(you can negotiate contracts with approved slaughterhouses)
Conclusions: In a market that is increasingly turning to healthy and natural products, this product can become very popular and someone who invests in it can make substantial profits.

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