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Videos: True Blood Cast Dishes About Season 4 at the Premiere

Posted on the 23 June 2011 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

As many True Blood fans are aware, last night was the Season 4 Premiere in Hollywood and Access Hollywood was there interviewing the cast on the red carpet. 

In this first video we hear from Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) and we find out more of what will be happening with their characters this season.  Bill will be busy trying to clean up the mess that Russell Edgington has made while dealing with the loss of Sookie, and Sookie will be more independent while dealing with faeries and witches on top of all the other supernatural stuff.  When asked what it is like to fight with his real life wife on the set, Moyer jokes that it is just like home.  He goes on to gush about Paquin saying that she really holds the entire season together and talks about what a wonderful actress she is.  Paquin talks about how fun it is to do things on screen that she would not normally do in real life and mentions that her and Brit Morgan who plays Debbie Pelt, are really close in real life but on screen they are trying to kill each other.

In this clip Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric Northman, says “maybe” when asked if Eric is going to get a love interest this season.  We already know that Eric is going to have amnesia and speculation is rampant that Eric and Sookie will finally have a chance.  Skarsgard does say it is a different Eric this year and he is more vulnerable than we have seen him before.  He says that it essentially is still “Eric” it is just a side we haven’t seen of him before.

In this video clip we hear from Sam Trammell, who plays Sam Merlotte, Joe Manganiello, who plays Alcide Herveaux, and Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse.  Trammell says that his new love interest Luna is not necessarily going to be horrible for him.  Sam fans are no doubt cheering that he might have a good woman finally.  He says they have a great storyline this year and that Luna is very mysterious.  He also confirms that Tommy is back this year and that we will find out if and when Sam actually shot Tommy.  Trammell reveals that the family stuff is coming back to haunt him in some really intense ways and he finishes by teasing us saying there are some huge things with his character this year.  Joe Manganiello says that we will not see Alcide until Episode 3, just like last year, and that he will have some conflict with the shapeshifters.  He says the we will continue to see Alcide wrestle with the “best inside him” and interestingly he says that there were times this season where he felt like a different character on a different show.  Hmmm sounds interesting.  Manganiello does say that we will see Alcide going after Sookie a little more this season and he confirms for Alcide fans that we will be seeing plenty of shirtless scenes.  Ryan Kwanten says that Jason mans up this season and will be given a little bit of power.  He says that this season Jason really goes through the ringer and is actually lucky to even make it through.  Poor Jason can’t catch a break!


Here we hear from series creator Alan Ball where he reveals that we can expect some sinister stuff, fun stuff, tragic stuff and that while it is a dark season, it is also highly entertaining.  For those Sookie/Eric fans, Ball confirms that there will be some Sookie on Eric action saying that fans of the books will know what he’s talking about because he has been very faithful to that part of the books.  Bring on the shower scene!!  He says that the shower scene is one of many scenes and that fans of Sookie and Eric will not be disappointed.  As for Bill, Ball says that Bill has accepted that he has lost Sookie even though he still loves her and we will see a different side of him this year. For Tarafans, Ball says we will find out where Tara went, what her new life is and why she gets pulled back into Bon Temps.  As for Lafayette, he will have a very interesting storyline this season and we will see the powers that Jesus has been telling Lafayette about.  Pam fans will rejoice because Ball says Pam is just so great they had to have more of her and that she will have her own problems this year.  Ball finishes off by saying that the cast is full of hot men and women and this year they decided to give a little more to their male fans by showing a lot more of the women.

In this next video Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds, talks about his new look this year where he will be sporting a mohawk.  He says we will see some different things with Lafayette this season and he’s interested to see what the fans think of it since he will be a very different person.  He says we won’t be seeing much of the fun Lafayette this season and that he will be very serious.  Ellis is very excited to play the switch in his character and that even he was surprised at the changes that are coming up.  He finishes up by saying that Lafayette is going to play a central role this season and that he puts some main characters in quite the bind. 

In this video we catch up with Deborah Ann Woll who plays Jessica Hamby, and Jim Parrack who plays Hoyt Fortenberry, where they confirm that it will not be easy going for Jessica and Hoyt.  Woll confirms that the doll figures largely into Season 4 but she is coy as to who is affected by the doll.  Parrack says the doll hurts his heart and makes him scared and sad.  That doesn’t sound very promising for Jessica and Hoyt fans.  Woll says that the relationship with Jessica and Bill is strengthened this season because Bill really doesn’t have anyone but Jessica to care about in his life.  Parrack says that there are some supernatural elements that come into play that are very spooky and they affect not only Jessica and Hoyt, but also the community at large. 

In this clip we hear from Fiona Shaw who joins the cast as Marnie Stonebrook, a witch who will play a big role this season.  Shaw says that Marnie has been unloved and becomes very unlovable as the season goes on.  Fans of the books know that Marnie is the one who casts the curse that causes Eric’s amnesia but Shaw says that Eric causes some major trouble for her first.  Shaw reveals that Marnie is very happy to meet Lafayette because she realizes that Lafayette has more power than he is aware of.  She says the cast and crew have been very welcoming and comments on how hard everyone works on the show with them frequently putting in 16 and 17 hour days.  Shaw finishes by saying that she thinks Marnie will be a character that everyone loves to hate and that if you are anti-vampire she’s your gal.

In this final video we hear from Kristin Bauer van Straten who plays Eric’s second in command Pam.  Kristin talks about Pam’s wardrobe and says that she thinks if the world was about to come to an end one of the things Pam would worry about is what to wear.  There’s no doubt that Pam gets some of the best outfits on the show.  Kristin says that she finds the differences between her and Pam getting smaller and smaller because she can see where Pam is coming from.  She says that if most of us were free from the constraints of society like Pam is that more of us would be like her.  As for Season 4, Kristin reveals that she has to now take charge with Eric being out of commission, but she also struggles because Eric is her rock in life and he has no memory of Pam or their relationship. 

Source:  AccessHollywood.com – ‘True Blood’ Season Premiere

Image Credit: HBO, Inc.

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