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Video Killed the Radio Star

By Prodenbough

… except in Guinea.

Dear BBC radio

Thank you. Thank you so much. When I am in village, you are my link to the outside world. Your programming is brilliant, your news is informative, and your stories are interesting. My dinky little short-wave radio that I bought in the village market is one of my most valued possessions. Through it, your charming accents light up my little house with the wonderful sound of the English language, even if they do have to contend with some static.

Without you, BBC radio, I would be left with only a few options. I could listen to RFI (Radio France International), but then listening to the news would be an exercise in comprehension, rather than a relaxation. I could go to one of the few "boutiques" in Yembering that use a generator to power a television and satellite, and sometimes I do. When I do, it is pleasing to watch the news with community members, and it doesn’t hurt that the French news stations select ridiculously beautiful French women for their anchors. But the boutiques don’t light up the TV all that often, and when they do, the news is almost always preempted by soccer.

I am very lucky to have you, BBC radio, and I have much appreciation for you, but I also have one small suggestion. Lay off the cricket sports coverage. No one cares.


Faithful listener

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